Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Le Week-end pour vaincre les cancers féminins / The Weekend to End Women’s Cancers


Hi Everyone,

I hate to do this but it’s for an important cause in where it effected not only my family but maybe someone you know and many other people of all walks of life.

Erika’s Mom ( Sophie Gagnon ) works for Pharmaprix as a Pharmacist and they are participating in The Weekend to End Women’s Cancers.

If you would be interested in making a Donation of any amount you wish here is Sophie’s Donation Page where All Donations are Tax Deductible:

French: Click on the Green Button – Faites Un Don En Ligne Maintenant


English: Click on the Green Button – Donate Online Now


Here is the Information in regards for this cause…





Thanks for your attention…

It’s really appreciated!

Take Care!!!

David Wong

My Eulogy @ My Mom's Funeral


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