Sunday, April 24, 2011

It Came From Carrefour Laval!!!

It Came From Carrefour Laval!!!

I decided to go on a Shopping Spree this Weekend which started on Thursday Night and went until Saturday Night.

Went into Home Outfitters in Anjou and I've only been to this Store like 3 times and the Service is great!!! 10 out of 10!!!

I found something I really liked and the Cashier recognizes me and says hi and asked how it was going. A really nice Italian Woman.

She liked what I bought and she said and suggested " Why don't you buy one for your Mom? I'm sure she will love it. "

I didn't know how I felt but for a couple of seconds everything flashed in front of me and then I came back and I just smiled.

If only she knew...

She didn't know and had no bad intensions but is just a happy and very friendly person and she's a cashier and not a sales person but then again they never push to sell you anything. They just help you in your selections.

I think what lead me to this Shopping Spree was because of the Holiday Weekend. This year was different and I've been thinking a lot about my Mother all week leading into the Holidays.

I needed it but my Credit Cards didn't need it... ;)

Mom... I Love You... Always...

Enough of this talk...

Next Blog Subject is...

" This Thing Called Facebook... "

Coming Soon...

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