Sunday, July 13, 2008

Taking off for China!

We are Saturday morning on July 12th 6 am I left Montreal to Vancouver...

Did the checkin and customs thing but everyone was respectful and nice... Please note what I said here because you will see what I mean when you read on...

What a flight it was with Air Canada - 6 hours long, one my longest flights in my life.
Great view of the mountains in Alberta and BC, Air Canada is so cheap you had to buy your food!

Transfer from Vancouver to Beijing took around 11 - 12 hours... After 3 hours on the plane I didn't bother noticing how long the flight was because I wanted to get off and get to China now!

After watching a couple of movies and drinking about 10 times on the plane, Only water, juice and coke for me... :) We arrive in China... I must note it was a fantastic view from the airplane of all the land and mountains as well as the sky with the clouds...

Plane landed and right when you exit the plane you can feel the heat and humidity... Also a number of people outside waiting for thier airport pickup from Hotels... Wow!!! Real Chinese people from China!!! LOL!!!

This Airport in Beijing is hugh!!! I mean really hugh!!!

Get to China Customs... I give my Visa to the Customs Officier and I said hi... No response... She looks at me and checks my Passeport & Visa... Stamps it and hands it back to me... I said thanks and she looks straight ahead... No reaction... No communication what so ever not even a Welcome to China... LOL!!! What a welcoming and great hospitality! Canada Customs is A1!!! LOL!!!

So off we go to claim our bags...
You have to take a train to get your baggage and this train ride to get you bags in probably the distance from Laurier Metro to Berri Uqam!!!

Once we got our bags we have to have our bags scanned before exiting China Customs...
After that you exit the doors to go out in the public and become one with the population... LOL!!!
Man! Hundreds of greeters for Hotel pickup!!! I mean hundreds!

I am really impressed by the Beijing Airport as it is very clean and again hugh as well very modern and very welll designed.

First real interaction with a Chinese person was the information booth person...
Dressed in a gold silk tight dress and red lipstick and a big smile she directs me to the bus to goto Beijing Railway... Very nice service!

Goto the bus and the bus handler confirms where I want to go, I hand my ticket to the driver and asked him to confirm if this is the right bus and he said something in Chinese to me but he looks the other way when talking to me!!! LOL!!!


I'm not planning on staying on the Internet long this morning and I forgot my USB cable for my Camera but I will find one!!!

I Miss Everyone!

Take Care Everyone!